Curing for quality hams & bacon

New Century Foods is a major player in the curing market. In the UK bacon industry we are established as one of the few specialist curing companies.

As an independent company, we have a wealth of experience in curing spanning our 30 years in the meat sector.

At New Century Foods our state of the art production facilities includes an extensive curing facility which is equipped to handle high volume. We are currently curing over 400 tonnes a week which is all produced on site in our custom built curing facility.

Our 1st Class Curing Process

Our curing methods are compliant with FDSA regulations and are carried out to the highest standards of practice.

We have three cures that are Standard Cure, Sweet Cure and Dry Cure.

In addition to curing our pork products, we also offer a contract curing service aimed at the commercial and wholesale markets. Our specialist curing facility and excellent level of service has an enviable reputation achieved through our focus on Quality and Innovation.

The range of cured products we produce is extensive and we can supply products from the more traditional style cuts to ready to cook products based on the requirements of our trade customers.